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General Dentistry

Stop tooth decay in its tracks!

Chelsea Comprehensive Dental can help you halt the progression of tooth decay with one or more of our general dentistry services described below. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Draiss today to learn more.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown covers a structurally damaged tooth to restore integrity. Deep cavities, chips or cracks may require a crown. Dr. Draiss offers porcelain crowns to repair and enhance esthetics of damaged teeth.

How we can help: You should expect two office visits for a crown procedure. At the first appointment, Dr. Draiss will prepare the damaged tooth, make an impression and place a temporary crown. Our dental lab will then fabricate a custom crown and at your follow-up visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown cemented.

Dental Fillings

A small cavity, left untreated, can grow to destroy an entire tooth. Unlike our skin, teeth don’t heal naturally. Only professional dental care can fill your cavities and return your teeth to optimal oral health.

How we can help: We offer tooth colored fillings at Chelsea Comprehensive Dental to restore cavities in teeth.


In some cases, extracting teeth is the best treatment option to reduce crowding, prepare for dentures or eliminate infection.

How we can help:  We can handle the majority of extractions in our dental office.

Root Canals

In many situations a root canal can be performed to avoid extracting a tooth. A root canal can eliminate pain in the tooth by removing the infected or inflamed nerve of the tooth.

How we can help: Dr. Draiss can perform the majority of root canals in our office. He will place a crown on the tooth following root canal treatment to restore the tooth to full function.

Chelsea Comprehensive Dental wants to help you maintain a healthy smile. For more information about our general dentistry services, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Draiss.